Reset Button Theory


resetbuttonI believe that almost everyone experiences pivotal events in their lives which act as a ‘reset button.’ These events cause us to question the reality which we believed to be true–and more often than not, this questioned reality is an adopted reality. The outcome after passing through a ‘reset button’ experience is we reject an adopted reality and replace it with a new belief based up personal experience resulting in a significant change in how we view our individual reality.

Reset Button Events

Life altering events like a near-death experience, loss of a job, a divorce or even a dramatic change of residence can be reset button events. Some would consider a mid-life crisis one such event. In each case, the event itself causes us to think about what we value in life and what is ultimately important to us. For example, in the movie American Beauty, the character Lester Burnham is fired from his job and discovers his wife is having an affair. These experiences cause him to ‘wake up’ and question values in his life. As a result, he takes a low stress job, starts exercising, smoking pot, and buys his dream muscle car. Lester rejects major patterns and habits in his life and changes his ‘world view.’

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Author: Seven Grey

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  1. I, too, have a restart button theory. I would like to discuss this with you. You’re theory is on individual life. Mine is on the effects of humanity.

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