Time Acceleration Theory

stopwatchAlmost everyone I’ve ever talked to on the subject agrees—days are getting shorter and time is accelerating. People shake their heads trying to figure it out. What the heck? Is time really accelerating? Why does every day seem to pass by faster and faster? After pondering this for several years, I finally developed a theory to explain this strange phenomenon which I later dubbed simply the “Time Acceleration Theory.”

Ok, here is what I think is happening. It’s not super scientific or even all that boggling. I think it is just a simple question of mathmatics and our memory capacity. Below are my example scenarios:

Scenario One: A baby is only 10 days old. On that 10th day, the length of that day in proportion to the entire lifetime experience is 1/10th of a lifetime. In other words, the total sum of that days experiences represent 10% of the baby’s lifetime.

Scenario Two: The same baby is now celebrating its 10th birthday. It has now lived 3650 days. The length of the day represents 1/3650 of a day in the life of the child or 0.0002739726 of a lifetime.

Note something interesting here. Each day is smaller, or shorter, in proportion to the entire lifetime. When you factor in memories, the amount of information we perceive in a single day, each day is a smaller portion of the whole. This is why, in my opinion, that each day seems longer. It seems longer because it is a smaller slice of our overall memories. It’s a pretty simple concept and just my own theory, but it makes sense to me and those with whom I’ve shared it with.


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Author: Seven Grey

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